• 1. Help prevent pipes from freezing
    Pipes that are exposed to the elements or pipes that are located in areas of the home that are not heated, are at a higher risk for freezing, and bursting, than other pipes. The cold air has a much more difficult time reaching the pipe if it is protected by insulation. When the cost of pipe insulation is compared to the cost of any damage caused by a pipe bursting, it is well worth the initial expenditure to insulate your pipes.
  • 2. Help hot water stay hot
    As hot water travels through pipes to get to the tap, it loses some of the heat. While this may not seem significant, it can cost you hundreds of pounds per year in wasted energy. Insulated hot water pipes help to keep the heat in, helping to maintain the water temperatures. This results in you using less water, and you will be able to turn your hot water heater down, saving you money on utility bills and helping the environment.
  • 3. Condensation Control
    Condensation can form quickly on pipes, but it can take a while for it to disappear. As moisture sits on pipes, it can cause corrosion. The end result of that corrosion will be a pipe that will have to be replaced. So instead of hoping that you do not have to replace your pipes because of moisture, pick up some of our affordable pipe insulation and take the steps necessary to protect your pipes from corrosion. In the long run, it will save you both time and money, and will also give you peace of mind.
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