• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    There are a number of reasons your washing machine could begin to smell. Good maintenance and regular cleaning will reduce the chances of this happening. Incorrect installation can also lead to water becoming trapped in the machine or drain hose which can then create an unpleasant smell.

    Always check the user manual for details of your specific appliance, but the steps below will give you some general guidance.
  • 1. Consistent washing at low temperatures can mean that bacteria and undissolved detergents can build up, causing your machine to smell. Aim to run a hot-wash (90 degrees) or maintenance wash programme using an appropriate cleaner each month. For more information, see the ”Performing maintenance washes” topic.
  • 2. Your machine may not be draining water effectively. Installation of the drain pipe may not have been carried out properly.
    For more information, see the “Connecting your washing machine to the drain” topic.
  • 3. Check for blockages — There may be a slight blockage in the drain hose causing water to become trapped.
    For more information, see the “Cleaning the drainage hose” topic.
  • 4.

    If available, put the washing machine into its specific maintenance wash cycle. Please refer to your user manual for details of a maintenance wash cycle. You may add a special cleaner to make the maintenance wash more effective, or a descaling additive to keep your machine hygienically clean.

    For more information, see the “Performing Maintenance Washes” topic.