• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    Ensure that you select the correct wash programme in line with the wash care label of the items. Refer to the user manual for wash programmes and see the “Laundry care symbols” topic for more information.

    Also make sure that your washing machine is not overloaded. For more information, see the “Loading to the machine capacity” topic.

    The steps below will give you some general guidance, but always check your user manual for any specific recommendations for your appliance.
  • 1. Perform a regular maintenance wash (once a month).

    At the end of each cycle there may be a build-up of sludgy deposits of undissolved soap powder and fabric conditioner along with limescale. This build-up can sometimes result in an unpleasant smell coming from the drum and a regular maintenance cycle will help to clean away this unwanted build-up.

    If your machine has a designated maintenance or cleaning programme, select this by following the instructions in your user manual.

    If your machine does not have a maintenance programme, please see the “Performing Maintenance Washes” topic.
    You may add a special cleaner to make the maintenance wash more effective, or a descaling additive to keep your machine hygienically clean. Make sure you only use products which are suitable for use in washing machines.
  • 2. Make sure the detergent drawer is clean.

    Refer to the operating manual on how to remove the detergent drawer from your specific washing machine and see the “Cleaning the detergent drawer” topic.

    Wash out the detergent drawer in warm water with an antibacterial cleaner.

    If your detergent drawer has a conditioner cap or siphon in the drawer, make sure to remove this and clean thoroughly.

    Turn the detergent drawer upside down to check that all detergent holes are clean and free from blockages.
    Removing any build-up of old soap or detergent will help reduce smells from the detergent drawer going in to the drum and mixing with your washing.
  • 3. Make sure to not add too much conditioner.

    Fabric conditioner is added to the detergent drawer and dispensed into the machine at the end of the cycle on the final rinse. If you over fill the compartment by adding too much conditioner, it may flush into the machine early during the wash and none will be left later in the cycle to add to the rinses.