• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    Keeping all the parts of your washing machine clean will help extend its life and maintain efficient washing results.

    Check the user-manual for your machine for specific details, but the steps below will give you some general guidance.
  • 1. If your washing machine has a drum cleaning programme, select this programme for cleaning the drum. If your machine does not feature this type of programme, use a Cottons-90 or similar programme. If available on your machine, select Additional Water or Extra Rinse auxiliary functions as well.
  • 2. Add a maximum of 100g of anti-limescale powder into the detergent compartment. If the anti-limescale is in tablet form, put only one tablet into the machine.
    Note: Only use an anti-limescale powder suitable for the washing machines.
  • 3. Dry the inside of the door seal with a clean piece of cloth after the programme has come to an end.
    Note: If the holes on the door seal are blocked, open using a toothpick or a similar tool. For further information, see the “Maintaining the door seals” topic.
  • 4. Repeat drum cleaning process about every 2 months.

    Note: After every wash cycle make sure that no foreign objects or substances are left in the drum. Metal substances in your machine will cause rust stains. Clean the stains on the drum surface using cleaning agents for stainless steel. Never use steel wool or wire wool.