• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    If your drying cycle will not start, the steps below may help you find where the issue is before deciding that there is a problem with your appliance.

    Always check the user manual for details of your specific appliance, but the steps below will give you some general guidance.
  • 1. Check that you have power switched on to the machine.
  • 2. Check the plug and lead for damage.
  • 3. Check that the door is firmly shut.
  • 4. Make sure you have properly selected a drying cycle and pressed the ‘start’ or ‘on’ control (switching on may be controlled by the drying cycle-selector dial on some appliances).
  • 5. Check if a time delay is set (if your dryer has this feature).
  • 6. Some dryers have a ‘standby’ mode to save power. This comes on if the dryer has been left for a certain period (typically around thirty minutes) without a drying cycle being started or if there has been a power cut. Select a drying cycle and switch-on or start the dryer to de-activate the ‘standby’ mode.
  • 7. Try another electrical appliance in the socket and see if it works. If it does not then it may be the electrical socket in your home at fault.
  • 8. Take a fuse (same rating, most likely 13A) from something else that is working, such as a kettle or toaster, insert this fuse into the plug and try the dryer again.
  • 9. Is your condenser dryer in a very cold room? Try warming the room or use a hair dryer and blow warm air into the dryer through the condenser filter slot. A very cold room can cause a condenser dryer to show warning lights and not start the cycle, this may not be a fault with your dryer, but simply due to the location of the appliance during very cold weather.