• Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

    Setting the appliance to run at the ideal temperature settings will help ensure that it runs efficiently, keeping the food fresh and your electricity consumption low. Always check the user manual for any special recommendations for your appliance.
  • 1.

    The fridge should be able to regulate temperatures between 0.5 degrees in the coldest part up to 5 degrees in the warmest part.

  • 2.

    Try not to overfill your appliance, keeping it too full will prevent a good circulation of air and may result in unstable temperature levels.

  • 3. We recommend that you adjust the thermostat setting to number 3 or to the midway point of the indicator line.
    The lower the number setting, the lower the cooling power (resulting in a higher temperature).

    The higher the number setting, the higher the cooling power (resulting in a lower temperature).
  • 4. Most freezers are pre-set to operate between -18°C and -26°C, this is within recommended guidelines.
  • 5. We recommend that prior to putting large amounts of food into your freezer you switch on the ‘fast freeze’ function (if your appliance has one) for 24 hours beforehand to ensure the correct temperature is achieved.